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Tazacorte, property in very good climatic zone with beautiful sea views

Tazacorte, property in very good climatic zone with beautiful sea views

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Land space:
7 200


The property is suitable for tourist development and is located on the sunny west side of the island of La Palma. It is located in a quiet location at about 175 meters above sea level. The usable land has 2.900 m2, adjacent are 4.300 m2 nature reserve, which belong to the property. Since the property is located in front of a hill, it is very sheltered from the wind and has a very pleasant climate all year round.
The original plan of the property was an organic avocado fince. The property was terraced with much effort and will continue to be managed. It was planted and laid out about 2 years ago. On the property are about 65 avocado trees, about 20 papayas, 4 mango trees and various palm trees and ornamental trees. 
The is a water right for the irrigation, as well as a water storage of 5.000 l and an irrigation system. 
The property is fenced. 
On the property there is a cuarto de apero already registered in the escriturra, which can be renovated as needed. 
The caravan located on the property can be purchased if required or is disposed of by the owners at the time of sale. 


- Tazacorte area
- very good climate zone
- quiet, secluded location 


- well-kept avocado finca
- fenced


- tourist development of max. 10 beds possible  
- water rights
- water storage 5.000 l
- irrigation system 

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